How does it work?

Watch case study video for an NGO showcasing the way in which in-class teaching is conducted through AAS Vidyalaya

Instructions for starting class :

Equipment’s needed

  • Android 4G enabled smartphone
  • Casting device
  • Projector or TV

How to start :

  • Download the AAS Vidyalaya Institute app from playstore :
  • Register your institute : Refer this demo video for registration
  • Connect your casting device to the projector or TV in HDMI port
  • Complete the set-up of the casting device. There are two types of casting device
    1. First one are casting devices which has inbuilt wifi. Most of the casting device falls in this category. Check the box of casting device for details. To connect this casting device, switch on device to “Waiting Mirror Mode” (this will be displayed on the TV/projector). Then switch on wifi on your 4G enabled smartphone. Connect to the wifi of the casting device.
    2. Second category of casting device don’t have an inbuilt wifi. For this you will need a wifi connection. Download the casting device app on your phone For e.g) google home. Connect the mobile phone to wifi and follow the app instructions for set-up.
  • After setting-up is completed you will find your app screen reflected on the television/projected screen.
  • Now open the AAS Vidyalaya App. Select the class > subject > session and start class
Charges for using the App for teaching is INR 499 per month per class (no restriction on number of students)