You can help build a new INDIA?

Avileen Education Foundation (AEF), a not-for-profit company, has been established to provide education to millions of school drop-outs using e-learning model of AAS Vidyalaya, The Anytime Anywhere School. This model is highly scalable and can enable bridging the gap of almost 3 lacs secondary schools that exist in our country.

The key objective of Avileen Education Foundation is to take the average schooling years in India from current 5 to 10 thereby DOUBLING the income levels.


You just need to commit to sponsoring one or more student and leave the rest to AEF. You will be made the ‘Parent’ of the students sponsored by you so that you can monitor their progress.


AEF will identify students who want to study but are not able to go to regular schools due to various socio-economic reasons. These students are not financially strong even though they have access to a decent smartphone. AEF will then provide these students scholarship that would include unlimited access to the AAS Vidyalaya School app & content along with direct help from subject teachers.