About Us

About Us

EduChamp – The Social School

EduChamp by AAS Vidyalaya – Anytime Anywhere School is the power in the hand of every child to unlock their potential through holistic learning and guidance. AAS (which means hope in Hindi), aimed at being India’s first virtual school, is solving the problem of availability and accessibility of good quality education by bringing the school to the children instead of children to the school.

What are we trying to solve?

Out of 27.4 crore of the country’s student population:

  • 8.4 crore Indian children don’t attend school at all
  • School drop-out rate largely contributed by secondary schooling is 35%
  • Attendance in secondary school is only 52%


Smartphone Base

300Mn-650Mn by 2019

Internet Users

409Mn to 735Mn by 2019

Online Education

$.25Bn to $1.96Bn by 2021

The revenue growth is expected to grow @CAGR of 52% across all categories viz Primary & Secondary education (which is expected to get the largest share of the pie), Test preparation, Reskilling and online certification, Higher education and Language & Casual learning.

Avileen Education Foundation

For students belonging from financially weak background, we sponsor their education through our own Education fund supported by individuals and corporates.

AAS Education Café

Acting as an experience zone + self-study centre + group learning medium, AAS Education Café were launched in April 2019 to bridge the device gap in small towns and villages. Expansions are planned on corporate partnership model, wherein the cafés are designed to act as micro-schools catering to children of nearby town and villages.

MEDIA COVERAGE – Recognition

Recognised as a “Changemaker” by Global Action on Poverty (GAP) 2017, many media houses have covered-

• CNBC Awaaz story

• Youtstory

• Mid-day Mumbai Cover story

• TOI delhi