About Us

AAS Vidyalaya – The Social School

Instead of trying to bring the children to the school, AAS will take the school to the children. The idea is to create a school FOR the people & BY the people by creating a VIRTUAL SCHOOL (AAS stands for Anytime Anywhere School) which operates exactly like a regular school having time-tables, subject periods in which respective subject teachers would give lectures during their periods, class teachers who would monitor the progress of the children and in case required would reach out to subject teachers if the child needs help on a particular subject and even reaching out to the Parents if the child is not taking the school seriously. Educated housewives who want to do something and retired teachers would be the source for our teacher pool. There would even be holidays like a regular school. There will be regular assessments, even half yearly and final exams and even recognized certifications. The students, teachers & Parents connect and interact with each other through social network. The parents become the school administrators in their respective towns. There would even be offline activities like sports day and school trips to bring in bonding and personality development. We will follow regular CBSE English Medium curriculum.



  • VIKAS KAKWANI (Founder)
    • Electrical Engineer from IIT (Roorkee, India) and a Management graduate from IIM (Lucknow, India), Vikas worked in the corporate world for 20+ years across FMCG, Telecom & Real Estate industries in India and abroad. The perennial wish to be an entrepreneur with a passion for technology and a burning desire to contribute led him to get into this venture body & soul.
  • DR RM SUDHAKAR (Technical Director)
    • With the mission to ‘Empower Business and Smart Living’ (EBSL), Sudhakar is a CEO of EBSL AUTOMAT Group. EBSL is into ERP & Web Solutions for Enterprises; Security & Automation Solutions for Home & Building segments. Sudhakar is passionate about Technology and is into Entrepreneurship since 16 Years. Dr. RM Sudhakar, a Technopreneur holds an MS (Computer Science) from Manipal University, MBA from SM University and PhD in Management & IT from Jain University.