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Why AAS Vidyalaya?

  • India’s First and only full-fledged online secondary school (Grades 6-10).
  • 40% smartphone penetration (rapidly increasing)
  • 97% India has 4G connectivity (Source: TOI 17th Apr 19)

Aas Vidyalaya Education Cafe Testimonial

Kya kehte hain Students aur unke parents?'

Corporate Partners


AAS Vidyalaya will provide the following:

  • Unrestricted Premium Access to AAS Vidyalaya which includes classes of all subjects and Tests.
  • Subject Teachers for query resolution.
  • Mentors / Class Teachers: These would be from the local community who would be:
    • Identifying the students to be enrolled into the program basis the set criteria
    • Spreading awareness and supporting marketing initiatives in their locality
    • Interact with students, mentor and motivate them to study and track their progress
    • Interact with the students’ Parents online as well as by conducting local huddles
  • Education cafés: AAS Vidyalaya will set-up education cafés in any mutually agreed places at the above mentioned locations.
    • These will act as awareness + experience + registration + learning center. Each would be about 150-200 sq feet, with 4-8 tabs for app exploration and studying (for kids who don’t have smartphone at home) and a TV to conduct group classes.
    • Provide offline interface for building trust as well as provide for peer-to-peer learning.


  • AAS Vidyalaya will activate access to the student after due diligence.
  • Student’s progress would be monitored on the basis of app usage, sessions attended, tests taken, marks obtained and other similar parameters.

Desired Impact: The impact could be gauged by:

  • Increased marks vis-à-vis previous years for those who are going to some school
  • Number of drop-outs who enroll to restart their education

AAS Vidyalaya Cafés